PHARMACEUTICAL FORM : Solution for injection 
I.M, S.C, and slow I.V administration 
TARGET SPECIES : Horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats 

Pharmacologic-therapeutic group: Other medicines of the digestive system and the metabolism, amino acids and derivates. 
ATC-Vet code: QA16AA. 
Pharmacodynamic properties 
The active ingredients of this veterinary medicine have hepatoprotective, lipotropic and diuretic properties. 
Betaine is a lipotropic factor, involved in fighting against liver fat overload and fatty liver. 
Sorbitol is a carbohydrate that improves the intestinal absorption of some vitamins, especially vitamins B12 and B6 and ferric ion. It is also a nutrient and a diuretic. 
Ornithin and citrulline are amino-acids used to detoxify the organism by activating the ureogenesis cycle. 
Arginine, another amino acid, is part of the Krebs’ tricarboxylic acid cycle and also 
facilitates the ureogenesis cycle.

Horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats: 
Stimulation of the hepatodigestive activity in digestive disorders and kidney failure.

Posology and Method of administration  
Intramuscular, subcutaneous or slow intravenous administration. 
Renew the injections 4 to 5 times within an interval of 2 days. 
Horses - adult Cattle: 50 to 100 ml 
Foals - Calves: 1 ml per 5 to 10 kg b.w. 
Pigs - adult Sheep: 10 to 15 ml 
Piglets - Lambs: 3 to 5 ml 
Dogs - Cats: 2 to 5 ml according to size